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In today’s highly competitive marketplace consumers are constantly being let down by products that are only as good as their marketing campaign. In 2014 a group of likeminded individuals who believed that products and services should not only be trendy marketing but backed by the quality of the finished item set up GOLDEN BAY RESOURCES. Incorporated in Malaysia with its headquarters set up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; today it has grown, expanding in the region with operations in Vietnam, Australia and Korea.

Golden Bay in 2022 & 2023

Under its GOLDEN BAY product and distribution umbrella we have grown from strength to strength bringing to the consumer products which are of high quality at affordable prices.

In 2022 we are now able to provide customers with Health supplements, personal care, cosmetic, skincare, hair and food products which are honest to the end user. All our products under the Golden Bay umbrella are carefully selected and undergo all stringent government approval processes before being sold in the market.

A growing global profile

We took our time to study and gain in-depth knowledge on Asian as well as global markets in particular the Southeast Asian market potential where there is huge demand for high quality products at affordable prices. Golden Bay has moved from its traditional business of commodities trading, import and export to producing its own FMCG products, cosmetics and other items. Either by producing these products on our own or by collaborating with strategic partners in the region we are now able to bring genuine products to market.

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