Meet the people behind Golden Bay

Dinesh S Vaithilingam


Dinesh S Vaithilingam


Dinesh as Chief Financial Officer of Golden Bay brings with him, tremendous knowledge and expertise in managing a fast growing global business and  its complex operations. Most recently as the CFO of Silicon Valley Tech company – Dtex Systems, he spearheaded its rapid transformation and international growth. Graduating from the University of Wales in Banking & Finance coupled with other industry awards he today guides Golden Bay in its expansion through its diverse business ventures.

Tran Thi Hien


Tran Thi Hien


Initially the driving force for Golden Bays expansion into Vietnam and Cambodia Tran Thi Hien today leads our operations in the region. As Chief Operations Officer she brings with her a solid foundation from involvement in her families manufacturing and development  businesses from an early age. Holding a MBA from Wolverhampton University in UK  and a Bachelor’s degree in teaching, Tran Thi Hien today oversees all our group operations as well customers engagement in the region


Steve Hendely Wong

VP of Sales

Steve Hendely Wong, has always been heavily involved in driving sales efforts for   multinationals in the region. Working with P&G and Petronas  has given him invaluable knowledge in setting up and managing sales activities in multiple countries. Today he oversees, plans and executes strategies to increase our selling capacity of our diverse product offering.. Holding a MBA from University Malaya in Malaysia he is invaluable to Golden Bays solid growth.


Chong Jong Yew

Senior Project Manager

Chong as our Senior Project Manager has been pivotal in handling our bulk product business since joining our team in Malaysia. Today his expertise from working with global distribution houses makes it easy for him to handle manager projects with partners, distributors and manufacturers.. Graduating from University Tunku Abdul Rahman with a Business degree, he is helping us grow Golden Bay business through out the region.