Our Brand

In our climb to excellence we choose a solid mountain as our logo to symbolize strength. Secondly a mountain is unmoving during all adversities and always there for the people. We wanted our company to be always through to its cause with standing the ups and downs of business. Mountain peaks in our logo symbolize steady growth to the top where a balance of profit and quality products is always maintained. 

5 Stars in the logo symbolizes the excellence of a “5-Star” rating we always want to achieve in our service and products.

What our brand stands for

Following the philosophy of the founding members of BRAND, PEOPLE and TRUST our GOLDEN BAY Company brings you products with real value and trust

In our goal to achieve excellence and profit we have been following 3 core values:

Golden Bay has seen a rapid expansion in the region with its operations expanding from Malaysia to Vietnam and Australia. We only achieved this fast growth due to a dedicated team in the Golden Bay family and secondly, loyal customers who consusme our products and services

In today’s competitive market place it is very important for a company to have high levels of customer service. It is very important to understand the needs of the customer and then to tailor products and services which give the right levels of customer satisfaction. At the same time empowering the employees in the company to give their best.

It is our company core value to always product the brand name by doing the right thing. We are building an honest brand.  We want to be received as a standard for quality and excellent products. Today Golden Bay has grown It is very important today to have a solid brand which is able to gain trust in the market place.  It is our company core value to always protect the brand name by doing the right thing all business actions internally and externally. We want to build a following of loyal customers who trust the products we distribute or manufacture will give them the satisfaction they deserve.