In today’s fast-moving consumer market it is essential to have on the ground knowledge the marketing, distributing and selling dynamics to be able to successfully campaign and sell products. At Golden Bay we achieve product success using 3 powerful models

Gaining knowledge and understanding trends of the global markets in particular the Southeast Asian business potential. Golden Bay is now producing its own FMCG products to collaborating with strategic partners in the region to bring genuine products to the consumer. Under our GOLDEN BAY branding we put all effort into maintain brand integrity while building the brand loyalty.

We work closely with strategic manufacturers in the region to market and distribute their products. This close relationship allows us to ensure a high-quality product is produced at all times. At Golden Bay we only choose manufactures with A++ rating and always ensure we are bringing value to the customer.  

Many manufacturers in region are not able to sell their products in foreign countries due to the lack in local knowledge and high cost in setting up their own marketing and distribution channels. We at Golden Bay provide a one stop solution for them by providing essential tools to sell their products:

✔️ Marketing Campaigns: Multimedia advertising, digital advertising and management, physical marketing programs utilizing promoters, events & roadshows.

✔️ Sales Efforts: We work with over 5,000 sales representatives, sub distributers, sales agents and promoters in the region to distribute all products.

✔️ Customer Service and Product Life Cycle
Launching a new product is the easy part, the ongoing product logistics, customer interaction and management is where we are able to use our in-house teams to give the customer the confidence in your products by providing on the ground 24/7 customer, logistics and sales services.